Core Values of Westview Wesleyan

1. We are all being transformed by the foundational Word of God.

2. Prayer is essential, and is the primary way to call on the power of God for every area of our lives.

3. The Church is a God-designed organism, not just a man-made organization; and Jesus is the Head.

4. The Spirit of God manifests Himself in every believer through spiritual gifts.

5. We strive to serve everyone who is in need as we would serve Jesus, Himself.

6. If we act out of any motive but love and worship, we have wasted our time and resources.

7. Cheerful generosity pleases God every time.

8. People need connection through meaningful, godly relationships within the church.

9. Children hold a special place in God’s heart and deserve special attention.

10. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and has empowered and commissioned us to do the same.