Kidz Club

Kidz Club strives to help kids connect to God, their family and our community. We focus on getting familiar with and reading the Bible.

Our Sunday School teachers use the D6 curriculum, which "intersects the influence of both the church and home to create a discipleship journey for the whole family."  All classes learn the same lesson, including the junior and senior high classes, so that you can discuss the lesson as a family throughout the week. The "Home Connection" is a paper available each week, so parents can know the specifics on what each age learned and how to continue the lesson at home.

Early Childhood Church is available every week for children age 3 through Kindergarten.

Children's Church is available for children in 1st-5th grades for our Morning Worship Service 

Nursery is always available for both Sunday School and our Morning Worship service for newborn children through age 2.