What We Believe

  • The Trinity – The Father, Christ the Son, and The Holy Spirit are all distinct expressions of the One God.
  • The Bible – The Old and New Testaments are inspired by God and our ultimate standard for truth.
  • The Great Commandments – Loving God and mankind summarizes all laws and prophecies.
  • Sexual Purity – This is directly representative of our faithfulness to God. This includes abstaining from sex out of marriage, the biblical standard for what constitutes a marriage, and the faithfulness to our spouse.
  • Free Will – We believe God has called us to live a lifestyle worthy of the calling we have received. We also believe whatever God calls us to do He also empowers us to do. His Spirit gives us victory over sin, but we must choose to tap into that power.
  • Jesus is Our Only Salvation – There is no other way to get to heaven than repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that those who are mentally incapable of understanding will be saved, including young children and those who lack the mental capacity.
  • Good Works – Good works come from a heart of gratefulness for what God has done for us. Good works do not save us, nor earn more love from God. They reveal our love for God and bring Him praise.
  • Spiritual Gifts – All believers have been given the Holy Spirit and He reveals Himself in us through spiritual gifts. These are to be used to strengthen the body of Christ; His Church.
  • Heaven and hell – We believe in the actual existence of both, and that we will all spend eternity in one of these two places. There will be a bodily resurrection of all people, some to live forever with our Savior Jesus, in Heaven, and some to suffer forever in hell; the punishment God created for the devil and his angels.

These are the basics of our faith. A complete rundown of the beliefs of the Wesleyan Church are recorded in the Articles of Religion in The Wesleyan Discipline, and can be found at www.wesleyan.org.